Earn MONEY for selling Bonfire's Simple Reservation Management Software with your RV Park & Campground marketing or web services. It's Easy. 

How it works:

1) Register as a member of RVNation

Sign up as a part of our affiliate marketing group (It's Free). We need a little bit of information from you as well as some of your business information so we can also promote YOU on our affiliate page. So, maybe we can bring some clients to YOU.

2) Sign up for a demo session

We want to make sure you have ALL the information and tools you need to market Bonfire to your clients. You will be responsible for relaying the value propositions, account details, setup, and operations of Bonfire to your clients. So when you sign up for a 1-Hour demo session, we will also give you:

  • Demo Instruction to use any time you need (7 pages, much less than those complex systems)
  • Merchant account partner information and sign up instructions
  • Bonfire Pricing Details
  • A Bonfire Account for you to setup from scratch to get a great hands-on experience

3) Send Your Company Info

If you haven't already done this, send us your company information (general stuff), logo, web address, and how you want to be paid. Then we can get to work adding your info to our affiliate page. And we will send you some of our stuff and you can choose whether you want to add our logo to your site as a partner (No requirement, but it would be much cooler if you did).

4) Business As Usual - Just don't forget to mention Bonfire

Keep doing a fantastic job and working hard on your business. Determine which clients could benefit from also having a simple reservation management software, online booking page and integrated payment, and tell them you have an excellent firm you work with. You can easily integrate their Bonfire online booking page with the amazing website you are building for them. 

4) You Get Paid

Everyone loves to get paid. Once we have received payment for your client's Bonfire account & they have connected the merchant account for payment processing (optional depending on pricing model), we send you $500. Easy Peasy!